Samaritan Counseling Center is so pleased to welcome Rev. Eric Fistler, Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake, and Chris Geissler, founder and C.E.O. of Asgard Data, and long-time resident of Barrington.

Both men have a tremendous commitment to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of our communities, and were as happy to join in Samaritan’s mission of hope, help and healing as the Board was to welcome them.

Eric is a pastor, podcaster, peacemaker (awarded the honor by the World Council of Churches) and father of two boys, Sam and Axel. He lives in Crystal Lake with his Swedish-American wife, Nina.

Chris is a global business traveler, strategist, systems and data analyst, and adept at conflict resolution. He is passionate about creating a better world for his two daughters, Marlies and Brienne, and wonderful wife and partner-in-all-things, Natalie.