How much does counseling cost?

If you don’t use insurance, self-pay/cash rates are $200 for intake (first appointment).


Following intake, rates are as follows: $185 for 60 minutes; $145 for 45 minutes.


If you are using insurance, you will pay either a co-pay or co-insurance (after your deductible has been met).


Co-pays generally range from $20 and $40 per session, depending on your policy.

What if I don’t think I can afford counseling?

Samaritan is committed to providing affordable, excellent counseling regardless of one’s ability to pay.


We offer a sliding scale based on proof of income (e.g., copy of a pay stub, copy of filed tax return, copy of W-2, etc.).


To request a Free Reduction Application, please email intake@sccnw.org, or call 847-382-4673 x 322.

What insurance does Samaritan accept?

Samaritan Counseling accepts many insurance plans, cash, and sliding scale payments.

Does Samaritan accept Medicare?

Yes, our Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers can accept Medicare.


Please note, though, that Clinical Counselors cannot accept Medicare.

Does Samaritan accept Illinois Medicaid plans?

Samaritan is able to take the following Illinois Medicaid plans: Meridian and Blue Cross / Blue Shield Community.

What are Samaritan's business hours?

Samaritan’s Main Office (Barrington) is open Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.